Patricia Coffee Brewers

About 10:00pm the night before we open and we’re pretty much ready to roll.

We thank everybody who helped from the bottom of our hearts.  Here are some of them:

Foolscap were our magnificent architects.  Beyond the Pixels have incredible graphic design skills.  The Makery Club’s Kyran created our fantastic joinery, and Andy gave us our shiny brasswork.  The comfortable yet practical leather aprons were created by Jess Wootten.  Our slick cups were hand made by Sydney’s Malcolm Greenwood.  Marty, Ken and Grant’s handyman perfectionism did not go astray.  Tommy the floor guy and Troy the plasterer did great.


The team - Beck, Phoebe, Sam, Pip & Bowen
Shaking Paper
- Michael Cairns
Joanna Kawecki
Delta Neon - Dean and the boys
Fast Plumb - Adam
- Alister, Bryan and the gang
Ritchie Built
- Bryce Ritchie
Dead Man Espresso
's Luke and Kylie, The Premises' Alex and Kate, Omar And The Marvellous Coffee Bird's Andy, Seven Seeds' Mark and Bridget, Market Lane's Jason and Fleur, 5 Senses' Ben, Proud Mary's Nolan, Small Batch's Andy
Trent and Ping
Sarah (Bowen’s beloved)
Wendy and Ian
TP, Meags, Dave Clav

The Patricias - Bowen and Pip’s Nans

Our floor and door both go black and our menu board is hung.

The proprietor sign is quickly painted outside (turns out this is a legal requirement).  This is the day before we open for the first time…

Enter: Synesso.  And marble bench tops.

Also, everybody get in here and paint stuff…

Someone damn broke our window, but our “Sunshine” neon light, tiled entrance, brass pourover rack and coasters/business cards arrive.  So I guess it’s OK…

There are some messy mornings.  We defeat 6+ layers of ancient paint to reveal the window sills.

When the tiles are laid the space really starts feeling like a bar.

The arrival of our wonderful counter, and flashy signage for the front door and windows.

Plastering is best left to the professionals.

Doors are created, plumbing is laid.

Hello friends!  This is the birth of Patricia, from the former shell of a lawyer’s office to the shiny coffee bar it is now.  These first photos are from early August 2011.  The photos that follow will be (roughly) in chronological order from bottom to top, up to the night before we opened.  Enjoy!